About us

Our company provides wide variety of legal services, including legal advice, judicial representation, defense and other legal services. We offer tailor made legal assistance addressing the needs of the client and aiming at the rightful and efficient settlement of issues. Summarizing the years experience, it turned out that all of our clients were satisfied with the results of our work, which is the key to our success.

Success is achieved through the systematic and consistent work of specialized lawyers in various legal fields, with the best team work organization methods.

Our team has a wealth of experience in providing high quality legal services to individuals, banks, investment companies, and domestic and international organizations.

The Firm has grown into a full-service law practice and provides following legal services:

Corporate issues

  • Making Contracts and Legal Documents
  • Corporate, Commercial and Financial Transactions
  • Evaluation of Legal Risks and Legal Due Diligence
  • Establishment of Companies, Restructuring, Liquidation, Making Balance Sheets
  • Increasing or Decreasing of Charter Capital
  • Issuing Shares
  • Sale and Consolidation of Shares and Stocks
  • Corporate
  • Commercial and Administrative Litigation
  • Settlement of Business-Related Issues
  • Legislative Design and Drafting
  • Corporate Insolvency

Legal issues abroad

  • Study and analysis of legal issues abroad
  • Negotiations with foreign legal firms and attorneys
  • Negotiating with the opposite side by visiting or online
  • Making contracts and other legal documents
  • Representation at international courts including the European Court of Human Rights

Bankruptcy issues

  • Consultation on presence of bankruptcy issues
  • Consultation on fraudulent and deliberate bankruptcy features
  • Consultation on recovery possibilities
  • Recovery plans making
  • Filing a voluntary bankruptcy application
  • Filing a forced bankruptcy application
  • Filling for bankruptcy risk proceeding
  • Representation during bankruptcy proceedings
  • Consultation on completion of bankruptcy proceedings
  • Bankruptcy issues abroad

Tax and customs issues

  • Consultation regarding tax and customs legislations
  • Provision of legal opinion
  • Revelation and evaluation of tax risks and proposal of favorable legal settlement
  • Representation in relations with customs and tax authorities
  • Appeal of customs and tax authorities' decisions, actions and inaction, including appeal of administrative acts on fines and penalties via administrative and judicial proceedings
  • Protection of interests in court from case of tax authority actions
  • Protection of interests in the disputes with customs authorities
  • Custom clearance

Pecuniary issues

  • Solving issues related to property rights
  • Resolution of disputes upon property rights
  • Judicial protection of property rights, judicial and extrajudicial dispute resolution
  • Settlement of the issues related to servitude
  • Settlement of issues related to mortgage and warranty
  • Legal support upon the issues related to real estate purchase, mortgage, rent and gratuitous commodate
  • Protection of the shares and stocks ownership rights
  • Recognition of the property rights, protection of the owner’s rights

Debts Collection issues

  • Negotiations upon debts collection
  • Extrajudicial money exaction
  • Preparation of money exaction claim in written
  • Conclusion of conciliations
  • Money exaction judicially
  • Filing a bankruptcy application
  • The protection of interests in courts, the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service, as well as bankruptcy proceedings in the cases on the money exaction

Administrative Issues

  • Consultation on issues related to administrative bodies
  • Filing complaints and appeals to administrative bodies
  • Submission of Claims to the Administrative Court
  • Representation at the Administrative Court and administrative bodies

Labor issues

  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Preparation of employer's internal disciplinary rules and other internal legal acts
  • Provision of legal consultation on the solution of labor disputes
  • Termination of employment contract through negotiation or Judicially
  • Extrajudicial and judicial protection of employee’s rights and legal interests violated by the breach of labor legislation by employer
  • Protection of rights consequently violated by illegal dismissal
  • Litigating disciplinary sanctions

Family Problems

  • Judicial representation in the divorce cases
  • Protection of interests in the cases on the decision of the place of child's residence and child’s caretaker after divorce
  • Representation in the courts upon the cases on the alimony exaction
  • Extrajudicial negotiation on the disputes between the parties
  • Protection of other rights arising from the divorce, including court proceedings
  • Extrajudicial and judicial protection of parental rights

Criminal issues

  • Representation of witness, victim, victim's successor during the preliminary investigation
  • Protecting the rights of detainee, suspect and accused during the pre-trial proceedings, as well as court representation
  • Appeal and Cassation complaint submitting
  • Protection of the convict’s rights during the execution of the sentence
  • Actions aimed at early conditional release